And if thy husband, heavens preserve him, should meet an untimely end, then honor his memory and do not gloat overmuch to thy fellow widows. No matter the size of his bequeathment. --Proverbs 3:2

Read about the MacThoy Burial discovered at the Dunn Burrow Digs.

Burial in a Beer Mug or
the Great Keg of Death

MacThoy interred their relations in the earth and placed stone markers over the grave to form an upended drinking stein reminiscent of the Great Keg of Death.

They believe that all the alcohol spilled in a lifetime was collected in this Great Keg.  Upon passage to the underworld, the deceased would find himself before Tuk' Tuk' Naani  and the Keg of spilt spirits.  Tuk' would plunge the deceased headfirst into the aforementioned barrel.  The expired had to consume all the alcohol or drown.


Success meant passage to Tuk's tiki hut where the götterdämmerung of debauches was held and failure would find him cursed to roam the land as a Guzzle Whomper.


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