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Usually unique in their family rituals, Clan MacThoy seems to have taken a cue from their Northern neighbors. 


The Vikings were famous for surrounding their dead with rocks in the shape of a boat, the MacThoys opted for the shape of a drinking vessel, symbolizing the Great Keg of Death.   It is a tradition that carried on late into the Middle Ages.

Below is a sketch of one of the gravesites.

The funerary is fairly large indicating the MacThoi lived and died in this region for several generations.

This particular grave contained a fully dressed male wearing a silver necklace with the MacThoy crest on it.  Also a drinking stein and a lute were found.

grave4.jpg (37254 bytes)

The rocks placed over the grave have been included in the sketch to complete the picture.

Typical MacThoy graves are sparse with funerary gifts.  To notable exceptions.  The skeleton of a female found at the site was found buried with steins and brewing spoons.  Also, the remains of an adult male with a chain mail codpiece was unearthed.  It was also strewn with over 2, 000 fetishes (ranging from braids of hair to jewelry).  It is suspected that this rich gravesite does not indicate his leadership in the tribe but rather that he was a favored male.

Five new graves were found.  Thorgrim Labs is working on aging & sexing the skeletons as well as studying their teeth to determine what food conditions were like when they were alive.

One grave robbed shortly after burial.  Robbers accidentally pulled a limb out of it socket.  It was discovered near the grave.

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