Groovella (I)

Probably one of the few MacThoi scribes, Groovella is best know for her collection of Proverbials--A MacThoi Widow Speaks Frankly to her Daughter on Many Diverse Topics.


These being a collection of useful tips and sage advice from the Widow Groovella to her daughter on the occasion of her daughter's forthcoming entrance into proper society.

Here is an excerpt:

Take ye not for a husband thine neighbor's man, nor the husband-to-be of thine good friend, for such are the ways of a harlot. Nor take ye a parson's son, nor the son of a moneylender, or a tanner, or blacksmith, or any others of low birth for they are dull and smelly and noisome to mine eyes. And marry ye not for love of money, unless thy husband is a sweet old man with a heart condition, or fondness for long trips to faraway lands, or unfortunate predisposal for hunting accidents.

Groovella's advice is still treasured and oft referred to by Clan Members and most especially the Clan Den Mother.

Here advice has been faithfully dispersed through these pages, that the Reader might learn from her wisdom.

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