Trophies, which from believing Fops we win, Are spoils to those who cozen us again.  -- from the wisdom of Aphra Behn nee MacThoy


The Clan's lineage traces back to Scotland, making it one of the oldest and least noted clans of the island. This due no doubt to the Puritan Purges of the 1600s.

Their home land was fertile to a fault (and is to this day a popular recreation site) and yet with this second Canaan for a back drop, the Clan chose to maintain a precarious hunter-gatherer relationship with the land.

These rovers followed traveling beer festivals all over Scotland --whether the festivals were originally traveling or actually fleeing the MacThoy has yet to be determined.

Their time was spent terrorizing fledgling thespian troupes and perfecting the arts of cozenage.


They returned home every year for the Beltane Festivals and their only "crop," the hops which grew wild in the area.

Killian Flynn and Sven MacThoy are amassing research in collaboration with Thorgrim Labs which will demonstrate that the MacThois predate the Indo-European migrations.

Widows hone their skills at the Tablero table.--ed

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