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Are there really any archaeological artifacts to be found on the bottom of Loch Thoy or is Killian Flynn (pictured here, gazing over his ancestral home) and the Clan MacThoi Society carrying on a familial tradition of cozenage and hoodwinking?

The Archaeological Sites

Our Research Team is currently focused in Scotland at the Dunn Burrow Dig.   Killian Flynn, in collaboration with Thorgrim Labs have found the Dunn Burrow Dig to be a most fruitful area of research.

The  Site is a few miles is south-east of modern Dunn Burrow deep in the Thoy Valley--now Loch Thoy-- and is heavily associated in oral traditions with MacThoy occupation. 


Initial work in 1998, revealed 15 archaeological sites, the whole of which was dubbed the Dunn Burrow Dig.  Surface collections  2 localities found artifacts but densities not enough to warrant dubbing them a site.  Components in Dunn Burrow are fairly recent with radiocarbons dating them back to the Iron Age.

Excavations at the Dunn Burrow Dig continue at the following sites:


The Keep Site The Caer Site The Grindstone Site Effervescent Man

Fourth of July 1999 brought an added surprise when the Effervescent Man was recovered from a construction site on the outskirts of modern Dunn Burrow. 

In the summer of 2001, Killian Flynn's team took a holiday and popped down to England to spend a few weeks at the notorious MacThoy Menhir Site.

For the Reader's edification, we have included a brief sketch of the Thoy Valley, its history as well as noteworthy artifacts that have been recovered. 

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