Blessings that do not bring on drunkenness, nakedness, or sleep are no blessings.-- from the Triads.

Clan Customs

No Clan has done more than the MacThoys to resist the inroads of Frumpiness, Temperance, Safety Belts, Leash Laws, Curbside Parking, and Sliced Bread.

The Clan survives today.   Its members still cling to their ancestor's tenements: Bibamus, Futuamus, Pecuniam Alienam Profundamus.  Their drinking toast "Up Yours!" can still be heard ringing out in pubs and from around campfires to this day.  And when pressed, they still believe that is possible to win a land war in Asia.

Pictured above left to right, Laird Og, the Widow Sessidi, Killian Flynn (then Champion now Laird Apparent), the Widow Shevaun, & Thorgrim (CEO of Thorgrim Laboratories) in the summer of 1995--ed

The Clan itself turned out a goodly amount of "the veriest varlets that ever ate with a tooth" as one shire reeve described them.

The Clan MacThoy Society assembled information on the following topics for the Reader's edification: 

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