Pliny the Elder refers to the MacThoy Widows, saying that they

"have the power of fascination with the eyes, and can even kill those on whom they fix their gaze for any length of time, more especially if their look denotes anger."

The tongues of mocking wenches are as keen as is the razor's edge invisible.  --William Shakespeare

The Greeks go on describe them as being able to carry heavy objects, raise riots and not be wounded, set fire to their locks and not be burned.

The women of Clan MacThoy have long been maligned through oral traditions (most notably being associated with the Isle of Lemnos & the  Maenads) even the famous Baudelaire was swayed by these wild and outlandish tales:

I might see a beautiful woman, who I knew had the most wicked soul in the world, who was an adulteress & a poisoner, I admit that it wouldn't matter at all to me & wouldn't in the least stop me from delighting in her. . .


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