(Tablero da Gucci)

Object of the Game: The object of this game is to drink as much of your opponents alcohol as possible while at the same time drinking as little of your own, Or to make your opponent run out of beer before you do.


  1. One opponent (someone else who wants to play)

  2. 4 equal sized containers of something drinkable (beer, wine, hard cider etc.) Generally, 4, 12 oz. bottles of beer.

  3. Seven shot glasses. (Not necessarily of equal sizes.)

  4. 2 six-sided dice (hereafter 2d6)

  5. A board with a 7 x 7 grid of squares. It should be made out of something that will stand up to being doused with beer on a fairly regular basis.  Masking tape is also useful to improvise a board.

  6. As many spectators as you can find.

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