The Drinking Horn of Odin

Anlaf the Mischief Maker was Laird of the Clan MacThoy when trading with the Vikings was at its peak.  He was one of the first in the Clan to meet Eric the Red in 980 A.D.  Anlaf found him to be a pompous twit and was not surprised he had been run out of his Homeland.

The Clan went ahead with the all-night bender they'd planned with the Vikings.  Eric proved his worth and managed to hold out against the Clan longer than anyone else in his entourage.  He finally dropped off to sleep after failing to rouse any of the Clan for a game of Viking Stickball.

Eric and his men awoke the following afternoon to find that the sacred drinking Horn of Odin was missing and the MacThoy were no where to be seen.  The surrounding area was searched but to no avail.  

(It should be noted that the MacThoy were famous for their practical jokes.  They were administered as a compliment.  The reasoning being that the Clan would not waste time on a person they despised.  

It is also suspected that this is the basis for many fairy-folk stories of all night debauches with the innocents waking up alone in the woods with all their possessions gone.--ed)


Desperate to recover the Horn, Eric overreacted.  He had his Vikings embark on a rampage of pillaging and burning that rivaled Genghis Kahn and would not be surpassed until the arrival of Ivan the Terrible on the Historical Scene.

What was once thought to be Norse colonization was in truth a quest to recover a treasured beer mug (See Crusades Section.)

Eric's punishment was exile once again.  This banishment led to his discovery and settlement of Greenland.  With this stroke of good fortune, he reason for his sudden exile was forgotten by history.

This image is thought to be Anlaf the Mischief Maker.

With forthrightness uncharacteristic of his Clan, the current Laird confirms the theft and adds the the location of the Horn is known but unreachable.

Oral tradition holds that the Horn was last in the possession of a scullery maid living at MacThoy Castle.   To this day it remains in her hope chest at the bottom of Loch Thoy.

(Recently an artifact has been recovered from the MacThoy digs that may very well be the Horn of Odin.--ed)

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