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The MacThoys redesigned the prow of the long boats that it might double as a keg opener.

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800 A.D. - 1050 A.D.

The MacThoy pioneered early bartering techniques and traded freely with the tribes they encountered including the Vikings.

Prior to meeting with the Clan, Viking journeys had been dry.  The seafarers had no taps on board their famous long boats.  A MacThoy laird pointed out that any warrior worth his salt traveled with a porter.

The MacThoys redesigned the prow of the long boats that it might double as a keg opener.

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This  exchange had effects on both cultures.  MacThoys adopted  traditions for their own burials.

And the Vikings in turn adopted some of the MacThos burial rites.  Probably the most famous one, was described in the Risala by Ibn Fadlan in 921 C.E.  A distortion of the actual tradition to be sure.  Fadlan described a funerary service in which the widow was gang raped, murdered and then placed alongside of her husband at which time his funeral boat was set afire.

MacThoy Researchers have managed to sort out the fact from the fiction.  During this time, it was common for the males attending the funeral to offer their condolences to the grieving Widow (It should be noted that this tradition was not long lived.  It often caused competition on increased the likelihood that a man would precede his wife into death, especially if she was one of much esteem.)  Due to the dynamics of the Clan, such an offering would never be forced upon her, but it is possible for an onlooker to be confused by all the goings on.

This beneficent relationship of MacThoy and Viking was not without its mishaps.  One famous encounter was a drinking binge with Eric the Red which resulted in the MacThois absconding with the Drinking Horn of Odin.

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