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Dedicated to the MacThoys
who have gone before us. . . .

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Despite their apparent lack of fecundity within their own people, the MacThoy have left a glittering legacy of offspring throughout the world.

It could be due to their frequent travels that we find relatives of the MacThoy in far lands.  Though some would argue that it was due to their being chased that led to the wide dispersal of clan seed.  Herein is contained some of the more prolific, or interesting of the descendents.--ed


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Alabaster Van Gelt--1861 A.D. - 1922 A.D. Playwright

Ah-Pook Catimitius -- father of Esmerelda Frobbish Flatbottom
Anlaf, The Mischief Maker--953 A.D. - 1002 A.D.  Clan Laird

In 976 A.D., he  established contact with the Vikings and bartered extensively with them for many years.  He absconded with the sacred drinking Horn of Odin.

The Calamitatum describes him as a pirate.

He was the grandfather of Kilsa the Off-Key who single-handedly thwarted a Viking invasion.

Aphra Behn-- 1640-1689- Playwright


Artemisia-- ? - 355 B.C.  Queen of Halicarnassus
She had a great reputation as a sea captain and advised Xerxes against his attack on Salamis where he was ultimately defeated.

She sided with the Persians in a sea battle against the Greeks.  The Persians ended up in full route.  She found herself  stuck between the Greek ships and one of the Persians.  She rammed the Persian ship sinking it.  The Greeks, thinking that she was one of theirs broke off the attack, enabling Artemsia to escape.

Arthorgrim the Scintillating-- Original owner of the Enchanted Cod Piece, founder of the Clerics of Luv.

Attlia Von Cribdeath -- June 25, 1968 - May 30, 1993  Master of Revels, Stickball Champ

Awwh-Noia MacThoy--1654? A.D. -1700 A.D.-- Proprietress of the Dirty Ewe, a tavern.
She met Isaac Newton and stole the Philosopher's Stone from him.

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