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An image of a MacThoy, possibly the Laird found in an obscure tapestry circa 1178 A.D.-- ed

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1095 A.D. - 1291 A.D.

In the Summer of 1095, a contingent of MacThoy visited the Turkish sultan in Antioch having heard of the hookahs and fabulous wines to be had there.

They were welcomed in and it was not long before the MacThoys were toasting the health of their honored host.

Word of the debauches made its way to the Byzantine emperor Alexius I Comnenus.  No doubt irked at the slight of not being invited, the emperor sent word to Europe that the Laird of the MacThoys had toasted the Turkish sultan's health with the Drinking Horn of Odin (See Vikings Section.)

The Normans' (descendants of the Norse) reacted much the way the emperor had anticipated.  They immediately made  plans to reclaim the Horn and restore the honor of  Eric the Red's descendants. Leveler heads pointed out that the Saxons would never march off to battle for a beer mug.

For these reasons, the Council of Clermont was assembled by Pope Urban II in November of 1095.  He demanded that they recover the Holy artifact, a grail which had been recently rediscovered.   And while they were at it, to save the Holy Land. 

Peter the Hermit dubbed the Drinking Horn a "holy grail."  The Hermit traveled Europe, whipping up the masses for conflict.  It was thus that the Crusades were begun in earnest.

Read about the word Casket, which came into use during the Crusades.

Read about Thorgrim Looseeker MacThoy, a sailor traveling in the 1170s.

MacThoy has also been suspected of being involved in the Shroud of Turin Hoax.  And whether or not it really was faked, its association with the Clan has guaranteed it a place in the Humbug arena.

The Shroud was discovered in 1354 by the famed knight Geoffroi de Charnag.

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