Living as they did in Scotland during the Celtic period, the MacThois were part of the process of developing the famous Triads.  

Celtic tradition focused heavily on the number three and is reflected in their wisdoms and sayings.  Triads have been collected from all over the island and often complied into an overview of Celtic belief.  Here are the triads of the MacThois.--ed


The Traditional & Wisdom 
of the MacThois.


Three joys of the happy: being a servant to one passions, the praise of tavern companions. a yeoman in the breach.

Three kinds of worthy people, the drunkard, the rogue, and the one who laughs at lawless doings.

Three who are best when farthest off, the fulsome flatter, the barrister, the shire reeve.

Three signs of a fop; track of his comb in his hair, track of his teeth in his food, the track of his stick stuck in his behind.

Three things which dazzle the world, a fine flask with good drink, secrets, and excessive love.

Three monstrous things in the world, a civil youth, a dignified woman and a man with a conscience.

Three things which turn the world upside-down: a bad mate, bad victuals, bad company.

There are three who are never profitable; they who marry by the counsel of their flesh, they who feast without the counsel of their craving, they who fight.

Three things which are rewards in and of themselves, drinking, enjoying a seasoned youth, the love of friends.

Three things unhandsome at a banquet: a skewer too short, a dry mug, and a dish out of reach.

Blessings that do not bring on drunkenness, nakedness, or sleep are no blessings.

Three things of great comfort: a mate in bed, fire in the hearth, and money in the purse.

When the Warrior is afoot, the Politician is astumping, the MacThoy is abed.

Three things Prudence will not show: the bottom of her purse, the bottom of her wisdom, and the bottom of her ass.

Three things one ought to mount, a spirited horse, a young intrepid and a garrulous tongue.

Three things not to turn your back on; one wise in their own eyes, a strange dog and a woman in her rage.

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