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Death & Afterlife

Information is currently being complied from the Dunn Burrow Dig regarding the funerary rites of the MacThoy.

Researchers have determined that some MacThoy burial traditions were adopted from the Vikings.

Probably the most famous one, was described in the Risala by Ibn Fadlan in 921 C.E.  A distortion of the actual tradition to be sure.  Fadlan described a funerary service in which the widow was gang raped, murdered and then placed alongside the body of her husband on his funeral boat was set afire.  MacThoy Researchers have managed to sort out the fact from the fiction. 


During this time, it was common for the males attending the funeral to offer their condolences to the grieving Widow.  Due to the dynamics of the Clan, such an offering would never be forced upon her, but it is possible for an onlooker to be confused by all the goings on.

This naturally segued into a drinking binge.  And considering the history of the MacThoy, it is not surprising that something would accidentally catch ablaze--whether a MacThoy or a piece of real estate, it would vary according to the night in question and the Clan members on the scene. (It is interesting to note that this ritual did not last long.  Oral tradition recounts accidental deaths being staged so that certain Widows might be "consoled."  The Widows realized, and rightly,  that if this continued the pool of potential suitors would diminish to the point of unacceptability and thus they put a stop to it.  Undoubtedly this tradition did little to help the Widows reputation for murdering their spouses.)

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