Six hundred cups is a meager amount for those who long since have lost track of the count. And so they imbibe with no limit to set, as gladly they'd swim in it sans regret; Thus decent folk do chew us out, degrade the indigent devout. Let those who demean us be disgraced, from the rolls of righteous men erased.--Carmina Burana O'Fortuna


Clan Songs

The Clan Bard leads a performance of "Swing Low."

If there is one thing the Macthoys like do whilst engaged in their various debaucheries, it's singing. 

MacThoy scholars found reference to two MacThoy bards.  Kilsa the Off-key, the first Widow MacThoy to achieve operatic fame.    Her voice sounded like Death's scythe on a whet stone. 

The second is Rufus the Light-Finger.  It was originally thought that Rufus earned this nick-name for his skill with the lute but history has disproved this theory.

Nonetheless, below are listed some of the ditties the Clan is wont to sing.



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