Researchers examine the fossilized keg.  The  skull of the Effervescent Man is in the lower right of picture.

Discovered over the Fourth of July weekend in 1999, Effervescent Man saved what was originally thought to be a fruitless dig.

The cave itself came to light when a new strip mall was under construction on the outskirts of modern Dunn Burrow. 


Dirt work crews undermined the stability of a near by hill, causing a small landslide and revealing a limestone cave.

The Clan MacThoy Society was rapidly mobilized to investigate and extract any artifacts that the mall might continue unabated. 

The cave floor itself appeared to have been a swamp at one time.  The scientists felt certain any artifacts found would be well preserved much like the famous Bog Bodies found in Europe.

Three months in the small cave yielded no signs of MacThoy inhabitation.  Dejected, the team prepared to leave the site.

While packing their equipment out of the cave, one of the new interns tripped over a rock formation and fell, shattering thousands of dollars of equipment, breaking his tibia and plummeting face first into history.

His team mates began treating his injury.  It was at this point, one of them noticed that the intern had not tripped on a rock formation but rather on a fossilized beer keg!

They removed the intern from the site.  His cries -- obviously encouraging them to stay behind and examine the artifact in the hopes it might have some monetary value to replace the equipment he'd damaged-- were clearly heard as he was whisked to the hospital.

Effervescent Man Continues. . .

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