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No archaeological work was done on the MacThoy Keep until Ebbie MacThoy in 1934.  He and his wife and partner, Lona Campbell spent twelve years studying the site before the Loch Thoy Dam immersed  the site.

Following the flooding, the Site was undisturbed--except for the occasional snorkeling tourist, until 1998 when the Clan MacThoy Society arrived to begin work rediscovering their family's past.

Researchers are still unsure as to why the Clan chose the location they did to build the Keep.  From a tactical point of view it is not defensible.  The Village of Dunn Burrow was constructed on the high ground whereas the Keep sat at the bank of the Thoy River.

Thorgrim MacThoy investigating the Keep Site, circa 1998 on the preliminary site review.

There are stories of a great chain the Clan used to block passage of vessels upstream and it is currently the only possible explanation for its unusual position.  Work at the Caer Site has yet to produce any evidence to collaborate this theory.

The Keep has never been in the Clan's possession consistently over the centuries.  The limited records  available indicate that the MacThoys stayed there for a time and then abandon it as it suited their purposes.

Another Clan would assume ownership of it.  If the MacThois decided to reclaim it, they would marry the owners, and seize it during the Year and a day marriage ceremony

Naturally this makes it difficult to determine how much influence the MacThoi had over the shape and design of the Keep.  It is also difficult to trace the other owners of the keep as most records were lost sometime after the 1600s during the Puritan Purges.

More on the history of the Keep.

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