Researchers arrive at the MacThoi Menhir to perform a limited review of the site Ebbie MacThoy visited in the 1950s.

The MacThoy Menhir

The MacThoy Menhir was originally discovered in 1951 by Ebbie MacThoy who believed it to be a megalith circle.  Letters to his wife, Lona, report finding the Clan crest on several of the stones and what resembled incomplete crests.

The area Ebbie identified as being a MacThoy inhabitation site was an enormous, empty field with a few stones scattered about. (Today it is the site of a mobile home park.--ed)

Ebbie believed it was once the site of a MacThoy gathering place for their summer time celebrations much in the tradition of the much younger site of Stone Henge.  The missing stones were removed over the centuries.  He went on to guess that two major incidents of stone looting occurred during the construction of the Avebury site and later during a thorough  deconstruction in the 1600s as part of the Puritan Purges.  It was in the interest of history that Ebbie MacThoy determined to restore the site to its original form.

Lona's journal notes on the Menhir are particular rough and only  reference her husband's letters.  This was due, no doubt, to the fact that she was assisting on a dig in Egypt at the time. 

Her absence  may also explain the following events as she wasn't there to rein in her husband's zeal.--ed

Ebbie with  artifacts which were impounded by the British Government in the early '50s and never to be seen again.

One letter to Lona, detailed his confidence in the project and that it might salvage his beleaguered reputation in the antiquities field.  It was with this resolve that he hired students from the university and began rebuilding the MacThoy Menhir.

The Menhir Continues. . .

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