Dunn Burrow Dig

The Grindstone Site 2000

Dunn Burrow I Village

The village was surrounded by trenches, obviously an attempt at mimicking the Roman aqueduct system.  A public garden with an open pool, rather unusual considering the MacThoys' distaste for bathing, it's nonetheless lavishly adorn.  (Researchers suspect that the MacThoys were no different from their neighbors in embracing certain elements of Roman culture.  The fact that the pools were co-ed certainly didn't deter them.--ed.)

The village operated as a major settlement and bartering site at several times in its past.  It appears that traders would sooner work with the devils they knew.

Work is now beginning on a trader's home the village and  a recently unearthed hearth.  The settling of Dunn Burrow  represents a major change in  the MacThoy existence, when several of them abandoned their migratory life for a more sedentary one.

the work continues. . . 

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