At left is a relief found on the Antonine Wall.  It depicts MacThoi with a cask of beer.

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31 B.C. - 395 A.D.

As evidenced in their Clan Motto (Bibamus, Futuamus, Pecuniam Alienam Profundamus),  the MacThoys prefer mug to mayhem.

It is suspected that even in 60 A.D., the presence of the MacThois was felt.  Some scholars believe that Boudica's destruction of Londonium was particularly brutal due to the fact that she was working under a grief induced hangover after an evening's supper with the Clan.

While other Clans in their region skirmished with the invading Romans, they would sneak into the Roman camps and steal their wine and liquors.

The Mad Emperor, Caligula, is one of the few recorded personages to have out partied the MacThoys.  It is a victory the MacThoys readily concede.

"He could make debauchery feel like manual labor."-- Intercontientius Appetitus MacThoy

It is suspected that both Antonine and Hadrian's Walls were constructed with the MacThoys in mind specifically to keep them out of the centurion beer gardens.

The Antonine Wall was ordered by the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius in a desperate bid to keep the MacThoi in check.  It stood about 14-16 feet wide and 10 feet tall.  A ditch 40 feet wide and 12 feet deep ran before it.
In 183 A.D., troublesome barbarians broke through the northern wall, slew the general of the Roman forces, and pillaged the lowland country.

Virius Lupus was the only leader to keep them in check, abandoning the use of arms and resorting to bribery to keep the MacThoi on the other side of the fence.

It was abandoned in 196 AD, in favor of Hadrian's Wall 100 miles to the south, a continuous Roman defensive barrier.  It extended coast to a coast a distance of 73 miles. The logic being that the MacThoys wouldn't want to travel the extra 100 miles for a drink.

Roman Times Continues. . .

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