Dunn Burrow Dig

The Grindstone Site


Trenches on the outskirts of the village indicate an attempt to mimic the Roman aqueduct system.  A public garden with an open pool existed in the center of town, rather unusual considering the MacThoys' distaste for bathing, it's nonetheless lavishly adorn.  (Researchers suspect that the MacThoys were no different from their neighbors in embracing certain elements of Roman culture.  The fact that the pools were co-ed certainly didn't deter them.--ed.)

6 burial sites were also found.  It was burnt to the ground.

Dunn Burrow II --

circa 780 A.D. 15 feet deep. The foundations for free standing houses are apparent.  A distillery from this time was discovered in the Caer Site as well as ornate gates into the village.  Dunn II boasts a few pottery items, tankards and beaked jugs. 

Work is now beginning on a trader's home containing ash cans, hookahs, & Arab coins also found there indicate trade with the Eastern Mediterranean area.  There is also oil from Greece and wine from France and the  remains of a great hall which appears to have burnt to the ground. 

The buildings were earth bound frames, with no intention of longevity. The artifacts found here are confused due to the trench digging during WWII.  It was burnt to the ground.

Dunn Burrow III --

10 feet deep  No fortifications were found.  Most information at this layer is lost due to the Great Trench.  Buildings appeared to have been laid out in a pell mell fashion.  A chisel and bits of wire were found at this level.   It was noted as a thieves rookery and for its cheap rooming houses and gin-shops.  This city also has a thick layer of salt which is attributed to the Puritan Purges.

Dunn Burrow IV --

1 meter deep  Again no fortifications were found.  This city was destroyed by earthquake.

Current work at the Site

As always, the work continues. . . 

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