Every spring the Clan migrated like lemmings for the Thoy Valley and the Village of Dung Burrow (Now known as Dunn Burrow), their ancestral homeland.  There they celebrate Beltaine.

In the village center stands the Barley Stein, a fifty stone mug carved by one of the few tradesmen in the Clan.

Never being much for combat, the MacThoys believed that when "the Warrior was afoot, the MacThoy was abed."-- from the Triads

In those days the MacThoys returned to the Barley Stein to brew grog for the year.  They also waited out the warring season.  It was a time of reunion where the scattered Clan members would gather and tell lies.

The Village of Dunn Burrow exists today.  It sits near the shore of Loch Thoy.  The Castle Keep is close by under the water of Loch Thoy.  A research team from the Clan MacThoy Society is there studying the remains left by the Clan ancestors.

It was these revels and traditions that the MacThoys would take with them throughout the world, during their travels and even to the New World.

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