Ebverold Flynn MacThoy

Ebverold "Ebbie" Flynn MacThoy  was the first researcher on the MacThoi histories.

(pictured in his home, examining an artifact recovered from MacThoy Keep)

He attended school in London studying antiquities and married Lona Campbell, an anthropology student.   In her journals, Campbell credits Flynn's quick wittedness and uncanny ability to find that which could not be found as a constant asset.

On a visit to his home town, they realized that the old castle he had played in in his youth was his ancestral home.

Flynn confirmed the identity of the Keep through pages from the Hystorica Calamitatum found amongst family papers.

(It was these aforementioned pages which were later rediscovered by Killian Flynn with his grandmother's journals. The remainder of the text is suspected to be in the Forbidden Books collection in the Vatican.--ed)

The couple immediately began what was to be a twelve year labor of love.  Two years into the project, they were forced to work under cover of dark, having already locked horns with the British & Scottish Historical Societies due to a drunken prank instigated by his Clan (See Stone Henge.)

They spent summers and weekends at the castle when Campbell was not working on other digs or Flynn was not covering racing news around the area.  A few years even saw one of them working the site alone while the other raised funds.

World War II forced them to curtail their work.  It was impossible to work at night for fear of air raids.  They visited the site on weekends.

Nor were they free of mocking.  One prominent  journal offered the following. . .

. . . .more trash has been brought to the surface.  There can be no doubt from the materials presented to the Council, that the history of MacThoi's "Troublemakers" is best left where it lies.

Ebervold MacThoi would better serve history by devoting his life to less prurient studies than those of this lackadaisical family that he has suffered the sore misfortune to be descended from and to free his devoted wife, Iona (sic) Campbell from a fool's errand not worthy of her. . . .

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