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MacThoy meets History Part of the Dirty Doris Collection.  

Honoring the 3rd Annual Clan Gathering, 2002.

Pay homage to the great MacThoy beer tiki, Tuk' Tuk' Naani.

Nonjudgment Day. 

Out of Print Designs

The shirt that started it all The Original Clan MacThoy tee. Part of the
Dirty Doris Collection.
2001 apparel.  Detailed in Greek-- "History Flows on a River of Beer."
2002 apparel.  Hieroglyphs read "Clan MacThoy."

This design represents a section of art depicting the MacThoy coming to ancient Egypt, drinking all the liquor, water ballooning all in sight and departing into the dawn.

Honoring the 2nd Annual Clan Gathering, 2001.  

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