Artist's Conception

Arthorgrim the Scintillating Poonseeker
335 A.D.?

Tho' Clan Lairds as a rule are Charismatic leaders, Arthorgrim is one probably the best examples of a Charismatic who never became Laird. 

An early omen of his great abilities was manifest in his ability to survive childhood with the MacThois.



He first comes to light in MacThoy tradition as a young man when --for reasons lost in the mists of time--he annoyed one of his contemporary Widows.  An offense such as this might bring upon a sudden demise, but Arthorgrim  side-stepped Death.

Using a skill later scholars would compare with the famous snake charmers, Arthorgrim dove within striking range of the offended Widow and executed, for the first time, a cleavage dive--which would later be dubbed the Widow's Welcome.

(This talent is still in use today but incorrect application often results in serious injury or Death.  It is strongly recommended that the inexperienced avoid attempting this tactic in actual situations.--ed)

Arthorgrim would later teach this and other skills in a sect he would found in the early 360s known as the Clerics of Luv.

Arthorgrim is also noted in the story of the Jade of the Loch and also refered to in the Hystorica Calamitatum.

The Jade story credits Arthorgrim with besting the Jade in a contest and having her enchant a cod piece that it might  guide the wearer to the "nearest willing wench."

MacThoy Researchers have recently uncovered an artifact at the Dunn Burrow Site which they hope may prove to be the enchanted Cod Piece.

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