Proverbs 2:2-- He that hath a Baleful Eye knows not the want that shall come upon him.






The Baleful Eye

 When the Guzzlewhomper abandons a host, tho' hangover free, they bear the telltale mark of possession, the Baleful Eye.   This woefully blood shoot orb is the only evidence of the debauch the proceeding evening.

MacThoys adorn their encampments with the Baleful Eye in the hopes of warding off the Guzzlewhomper, by implying another 'whomper had been and gone and left no beer behind.

The Guzzlewhomper and, by default, the Baleful Eye, is the predecessor of the Evil Eye. Archaeological finds of the Baleful Eye have been dated by Thorgrim Laboratories back to the Paleolithic age.  The design has been identified on a variety of objects, ranging from wine goblets to cod pieces.

The Baleful Eye also has a reputation also as a bad luck charm.  It was thought to impede Mojo (better known as Monkey Luv)-- which is believed to give rise (no pun intended) to tales of the MacThoi Widows killing stare.  

MacThois scholars believe that the digitus impudicus became a sign of defiance through its show of virility in the face of the Baleful Eye.

Then, with incantations, she invoked the Spirits of Death, the swift hounds of Hades who feed on souls and haunt the lower air to pounce on living men . . . .She steeled herself with their malignity and bewitched the eyes of Talos with the evil in her own. She flung at him the full force of her malevolence, and in an ecstasy of rage she plied him with images of death.--Apollonius of Rhodes writing on Medea.

Laughter is another best defense for the Baleful Eye. Mooning has also been known to break the spell.  The Baleful Eye was placed on jewelry and homes in the belief the artificial would displace an attack from the real one, similar to a Star Wars defense.

Other defenses against the Baleful Eye seen adorning MacThoi environs include, the Clan Crest (the Digitus Impudicus), and a rendering of the Barley Stein.

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