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Trial by Tourism

I was enduring trial by tourism in Italy with Conar's dad and step mum, so I missed the replies to the last "sort of" sermon regarding the digitus impudicus grail. Anyhoo, here it is.

"Whoa" sayeth the wise when their vacation is planned by loud Cubanas who enjoy being herded around on a tour bus like sheep.

Yay, verily, we should fling mud balls at them and run for our lives; However, if the wise MacThoy finds her/him self trapped within a boiling sea of tour guides with a family they would like to sort of impress, and cornholed by her/his own manners, the wise abide the scarlet travel service sticker on his/her alabaster/ebony breast quietly and politely, but only after having a long island iced tea for breakfast at the cheesy hotel out by the Rome airport where they are unwittingly caged like pathetic little veal cows.


The Reverend O

The wise also fall in love with smart young things who bring relaxing pills with them when they leave home for extended stays , and the wise take the relaxing pills when they are given .


Uh, oh yeah, bavalom kavalom, love is all there is.

Blessing to you all.

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