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Dreams come true

This is about entitlement. So I was doing some clergyish reconnaissance by flipping TV channels the other day, and really stopping a lot on the jesusy channels and listening to preachers preach. There was a ridiculous sermon about entitlement. This one asshole in particular was preaching that his parishioners had an entitlement to preferential treatment because they were followers of Jesus (which I think is a big fat joke cuz supposedly god told Moses that the masses should have "no gods before me" and now all these assholes worship JC. What a bunch of fuck nuts. It's like, selective bible thumping these days in amerikkka.I digress.

So if this asshole could tell his flock, or whatever, that the guy at the grocery store, the home loan guy, the boss you want to hire you, the person you just rear ended, or whoever, would treat you with extra special kindness just because you believed in something and that entitled you, then I now say to you, my beloved Clan MacThoy, You Are Entitled. If you believe in the Clan, and you accept whatever is is you think is right as your personal saviour or guiding force or master decision making frijoles, then you deserve preferential treatment in all things.


The Reverend O

You deserve and are hereby entitled by the clergy of the clan, to take any situation you wish to steer toward your own benefit and do so. Talk to the right people, wait in the right person's office often enough to get the fucking impossible accomplished, know that the grocery store guy is going to see that you are wearing the invisible entitlement of the Clan MacThoy, and he will do good unto you, the potential boss, mate, car salesman, art supply store manager, will give you a discount or job or raise or sweet sweet sex, or benefit of some kind if you ask as if you are entitled. You don't have to mention the Clan, just ask for the benefit, and you shall receive. If the fucking leftover Puritans can do it , so shall we!!! It's like we have broken their secret code. I love cable television.

Blessing to you all.

Last modified: September 12, 2006

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