Trophies, which from believing Fops we win, Are spoils to those who cozen us again.  -- from the wisdom of Aphra Behn nee MacThoy


Clan-related Finds

Music d'Bandy Legs

Falling Moon Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio

Originally co-founded by Bandy Legs, and where a goodly number of the Clan has had body modifications done. 

Oberini Glass Design
Home of the Reverend Obermayr's Glass Ministries

Clan member and creator of the Jag-ware
drinking horn many MacThoy own.

Keep in mind that these are holy drinking vessels, steeped in hell-fire and blessed by the Rev. herself, which has been known to catalyze vast entropy vortexes leading to certain inebriation. Those of low constitution or fear of hellfire must avoid using the vessels to swill non-alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, one must avoid dropping them on hard surfaces, lest their entropic nature and blessing be prematurely released. Can't say I didn't warn ya. Up yours AND yourn.--Rev O


Killian Flynn's Site

Pokedea & Shevan's Site


Fortress of the
Armored Bear

Gryph's Site

Octavius' Site


Foinah's Site

Gnome Liberation Front

Melusina & Chester's Site



Bog Trollop's Comic Book Site


Miscellaneous Finds

The Clan

It ain't no
ordinary rabbit!

Friend of the Clan, Punk Sara's band The Hunches


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