The Wild West

1849 A.D. - 1901 A.D.

One of the most prominent couples in the Wild West MacThoys are Constance and George "Firebug" Leech.  Leech had already acquired a reputation in the Pittsburgh area as pyromaniac.  And Constance, well she was a dyed in the wool MacThoy.

On Sunday, June 10th, that notorious female, Calamity Jane, . . ., procured a horse and buggy from Jas. Abney's stable ostensibly to drive to Fort Russell and back.  By the time she had reached the Fort, however indulgence in frequent and liberal potations completely befogged her not very clear brain, and she drove right by that place, never drawing rein until she reached the Chug, 50 miles distant.  Continuing to imbibe bug-juice at close intervals and in large quantities throughout the night, she woke up the next morning with a vague idea that Fort Russell had been removed, but being still bent on finding it, she drove on, finally sighting For Laramie, 90 miles distant.  Reaching there she discovered her mistake, but didn't show much disappointment.  She turned her horse out to grass, ran the buggy into  corral, and began enjoying life in camp after her usual fashion.

--Cheyenne Daily Leader, June 20, 1876 from Soiled Doves by Anne Seagraves

When it was obvious they had worn out their welcome the couple traveled West.  They ran into trouble along the way with Indian Agents more because of Constance behavior than Firebug's reputation.  She had a habit of getting them into poker games and then taking all the Agents' supplies, weapons and cheap whiskey they'd planned on selling to the locals.


In haste they found their way to Independence, Missouri.  They hooked up with the Donner-Reed Party for what would prove to be a harrowing cross country trip to San Francisco.

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