Constance Allison Serker Leech

The Longest Lived MacThoy.  She outlasted her husband the oldest MacThoy male by 2 days.  Constance is best known for taking 56 years to kill one husband.  


(Constance's story is an interesting one.  Thus far she is the only MacThoy Widow known to have attempted murdering her husband.  

The tales of husband slaying wives is a tradition that the Widow's Circle has done their best to refute.

No doubt, it is characters such as Constance which keeps such legends alive.--ed)

Historians are unsure whether hers is a story of abject failure, or one of courage and unending resolution.

New evidence has come to light that the Great fires that Leech is associated with were not the work of her husband but rather Constance attempting to murder him.

She is also a direct descendant of Blar Seeker, who started the Great Fire of London.

George Leech it is believed was oblivious to her murderous intent his entire life.  In letters to family and friends, he had nothing but praise for his wife.

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