George Marvin "Firebug" Leech

George Leech was once believed to be a pyromaniac of the highest caliber, taking his adopted family's (he'd wed into the Seeker Family of Clan MacThoy) tradition of cataclysmic buffoonery to new heights.  He's been credited with multiple conflagrations from 1845 until 1901 earning him the nick-name "Firebug."


He was born and raised in Pittsburg where he met and wed Constance Allison Serker of the Seekers of Clan MacThoy. 

The day after their wedding anniversary The Great Fire of Pittsburg broke out.  It started them on the road as travelers for the rest of their days.

They were dogged by fires the entire time and finally the East became an unwelcome place for them.  Leech decided they would head West.

Lodging and travel documents place the couple in San Francisco during the great fires there and in Chicago in 1871.

The couple traveled swiftly after that.  MacThoy historians are able to document their presence in Boston in 1872 when fire broke out there.  George was admitted to a local hospital for smoke inhalation.  

In 1880 they were in Winfield Arkansas.  In 1881 Pawnee City, Nebraska.  And Carthage, New York in 1884.  All at the times of great fires destroying most of the respective cities.  

The East Coast once again grew inhospitable so the couple undertook another journey West, this time to Seattle.

We loose sight of the couple until 1892 when they are in St. John Canada.  From there they moved to Minneapolis the following year which proved to be the sight of multiple fires  beginning at a house of ill fame.  This was followed by fires which occurred almost monthly.  August 13 proved to be the largest blaze which removed most of the city of Minneapolis.  From there in 1899, they moved to Muskogee.

Their last move was to the great retirement state of Florida, more specifically, the city of Jacksonville.  

George Leech met his end at the age of 73, his death attributed to fright in the Great Fire of Jacksonville.  His wife followed him two days later.  Her death mysteriously described as exhaustion.

It had been thought for some time that he had been responsible for all the above blazes (thus the nick-name "Firebug") but history has proven that it was actually his wife, the Widow Sercker Leech who to blame.

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