Blar Seeker
1642 A.D. - 1668 A.D.

Started the Great Fire of 
London, 1666 A.D.

Seeker had arrived late in London on that fateful night and sought out his old friend the baker for lodgings.  In short order, both were quite thoroughly sotted.

Seeker pulled a stick from the fire to light his cheroot.  Unfortunately, he missed his target and shoved the ember into his matted, and grease-caked beard.  The spark caught and could not be extinguished.

In desperation, the baker drew forth an axe with which to cleave the offensive beard away.  Unclear what was transpiring and thinking his life in peril, Seeker blocked the attack and dove into a pile of straw and rubbish which his beard promptly ignited.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Seeker's clumsiness led to the necessity of the MacThois bathing once a year.  And it was because of this that Seeker was to die two years after the Great Fire, of pneumonia.


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