Dunn Burrow Dig interns sit near the shores of Loch Thoy.

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The Enchanted Cod Piece

Working at the Grindstone Site where the first MacThoy Grave was unearthed, Thorgrim "T-bone" Poonseeker, a post-graduate student and intern, has identified of one set of remains.

Curiously enough, it is his own ancestor.


In the well preserved grave, the remains of an adult male with a chain mail codpiece was unearthed.

The detailing and distinctive weave pattern of the cod piece matches descriptions in the histories kept by the Abbey of Lost Wages on the Isle of Lude.  "T-bone" has no doubt that this is the Enchanted Cod Piece given to the original Poonseeker, Arthorgrim "the Scintillating" Poonseeker, by the Jade of the Loch.

Legend holds that the cod piece flawlessly guides the wearer to the "nearest willing wench."

"T-bone" is applying for grants to conduct further study with the artifact to authentic it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

He was last seen wandering aimlessly through a nursing home.

Artifacts are taken to Thorgrim Labs for processing, cataloguing and restoration.

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