MacThois of Ancient Greece would go to residences there to beg food & wine, threatening to steal the front door if their request was not fulfilled.

 It is thought that this tradition is one of the roots of modern day trick or treating.

Ancient Greece

The Macthois were out and about in great numbers during the early days of Ancient Greece.  Recent work by MacThoy Researchers lead them to believe that the Island of Lemnos was a Mochthos stronghold. 

Lemnos is most popularly identified in the epic story of Jason and the Argonauts.  The adventurers paused at the island enroute to Colchis where Jason would meet his future wife, Medea.  Lemnos was completely devoid of men.  The heroes discovered that all been murdered by their wives to foil the menfolk's plan of taking  new brides.

MacThoy scholars are confident that this epic reference to widows reinforced the belief that MacThoy women as a group have a tradition of offing their bridegroom shortly after the honeymoon is over.

King Midas was also said to have associated with the MacThoi,  Namely, Silenus Mochthos.  Hearing of Silenus' delightful company, Midas sought to lure him to court by allowing him to discover a pond filled with wine.   

It is because of the King's foolhardy wish to consort with the MacThoi and his enjoyment of their tales and music that many Greek historians describe him as having the ears of an ass.

Greek History continues

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