1700 A.D. - 1850. A.D.

On Thursday last there was a small Plate ran for at Acton, upon which Occasion a vast concorse of People were assembled there, a Quarrel arose between the Townfolk and the Strangers (MacThoi), which last being chiefly on Horseback, and the Famous Jonathan Wild the Thieftaker being at their head, as General, obliged the Country People to retire.--Daily Journal 19, August 1721

You may see them accompanied by three or four Lewd Women, few of them Sober, run roaring through the streets by broad Daylight with a Fiddler before them. . .--Benard Mandeville, 1722

[The MacThoys] laid a wager against a club of bell-ringers that their team could ring better peals; then, when the rival team had taken off their coats and hats at the country church to set to work, [the MacThoi] made off with all their clothes, money (including the L500 for their wager), horses and the food they had brought for lunch.  -- Select Trials at the Sessions House in the Old Bailey, January 1730.

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