A variation on this sport may be found at the MacThoy Games in the form of Squire fishing.


The Great Hunting Ground

Heard only the in roaring Widow's Circle, the Great Hunting Ground is a mythical land presided over by the Supreme Widow, known as the Mistress of the Hunt.

The location of the Hunting Ground is shrouded in mystery and the story itself dates back to the times when Tigers smoked pipes and Gods walked the Earth.


Most stories describe it as being on an island, usually tropical.  The majority of the island is undeveloped with one lagoon from which the Mistress operates.

Males are harvested from all over the known world matching specific criteria established by the Mistress and brought to island.  

The criteria is not listed here as it varies from widow to widow and would be a waste of time.  

The men are released individually much as in the tradition of the fox hunt with huntresses in pursuit.  The fate of the prize is left up to the discretion of the huntress.  At the conclusion the man is released back into the world.

--details supplied by the Widow Moicha Turpis

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