Ship of Fools

During the first part of the 1500s, it came to pass that the MacThoy wore out their welcome with the populace of Paris.  Having destroyed the vineyards and quaffed the grape, they were oft times found picking their teeth in the city squares wondering how next to occupy their time.

On one august day, the city officials landed on the gluttons and in a thrice they found themselves aboard a sea-going vessel headed for parts unknown.


This act by the city officials was not unknown.  It was a common solution of the day to deal with madmen.  This boatload of lunatics gave rise to the image of a Ship of Fools.

Aboard this particular vessel was the Widow Tryphaina Dea MacThoy.  She rallied her family and led them in fresh dispute with their captors.  In short taking possession of the ship and putting its original crew overboard.

They dubbed their ship the Virtuous Whore, and by popular vote set sail for warmer climes taking them to the south seas.

(It is believe by many MacThoy scholars that this generous donation of ship and victuals on the part of the French government enabled the Clan to start the pirate colony of Fugmore Bay.--ed)

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