Leathe's mead making skills were praised through out the Known World.  It was said that to achieve forgetfulness one had only to drink her mead. 


Twilight of Halycon

This story marks the final chapter of Leathesaga,  a MacThoy tragedy.  It tells of how they were forced to part company with their --until recently-- stalwart drinking companions and mischief mates, the Vikings.

Their world had turned to violence.  The Northmen had left the public houses.  They dwelt in a building without the fair amber mead and listened to the mad ranting of strangers from the south who cried for the flesh to be corrupted (and not in pleasant ways) and their thoughts were on rank wickedness.It was in these dark days that the Widow Leathe called the Widows Circle who in turn gathered the Clan.


"Clansmen, we must leave this land," Leathe cried.

"I fear it has already left us," replied another.  And the Clan saw that it was true.  The Vikings had begun setting fire to stills and stews on the outskirts of their village.

"We must procure a sea-going vessel," said She.  "The rest go out and collect two of each beverage, venison and vice that we might not grow weary on our long voyage."

And the Clan did all this and none too late as their former friends were upon the docks, they cast off.

(The tale ends abruptly here.  A tragic end to the Halycon period of the Clan.--ed)


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