The Legend of the
Singlely-teated Wine Cow

Here's one for you... the story of the Sacred Wine Cow, the bovine that miraculously gave wine from her single teat.

But fear befell the Clan when her Blessed Teat ran dry, for then they had to make it to the market, which was a perilous journey, to acquire another Blessed Cow... and the market only sold the Cows between 6a.m. and 2a.m. ... and the Macthois, being the sorts they were, usually didn't drain a Sacred Cow until well after 2a.m. ... damn the WA state Sacred Cow Laws


 --details supplied by The Bootchucker Hisself... Keeper of the dried Wine Cow

Owl is the keeper of the dead wine cows. She has quite a collection of them, which she inflates and hangs from the trees around her house on holidays.

--annotations supplied by Killian Flynn, Laird Apparent

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