Herodotus alludes to this story in his Book, Euterpe.  More of Herodotus' comments are in the Extent Evidence.


The Most Ancient People

Way back when, there was this Egyptian king named Psammetichus.  He wondered who the most ancient people were.  He figured it was a cinch that it was either the Egyptians or the Phrygians but he had to be sure.

It was thus that he decided to take two kids and give them to a shepherd.  This guy was to raise the kids but never speak to them.  In fact, nobody could to talk to kids or even speak in their presence.

Psammetichus thought that the first word they articulated would indicate which people was the oldest.


So years when by and nobody spoke to the kids or around them.  Then one day, the children rushed up to the shepherd and said "Bibamus."  He thought nothing of it until the next morning when they greeted him with the same word.

The shepherd finished up his chores and went into town to see the king and told him what the kids said.  The king had the children brought before him.    Once again the children said the word "Bibamus."  With those words all hell broke loose in the court.

The King had discovered the most ancient people and in the same moment a horrifying realization.  Bibamus was the word for drink and often heard on the lips of the most feared people: the MochThos.

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