Beer Hunt

A two day ritual, the Easter Hunt begins the night before Easter with the decorating.

Bottles are decorated with various art supplies, the selection of which is left up to the discretion of the artist.

The Clan waits for the Hunt to begin. -- e.d.

Easter Sunday, the Clan is sequestered and Ah-pook, Clan Bard, with an assistant take the bottles out to the lawn and proceed to conceal them.  When all is ready, Ah-pook signals the release of the Clan, and the Hunt is on.

The title of Beer Hunting Queen and a  prize go to the one who finds the most bottles.

A feast usually follows.


Beer Hunting Queens

Easter Beer Bunnies

1998 Lil' Petrov Radish Ah-Pook
1999 Maria Zenobia Ah-Pook
2000 Dirty Doris Ah-Pook
2001 Killian Flynn Ah-Pook
2002 Lady Livid Kali Mari
2003 Flavor Rite Kali Mari
2004 Maria Zenobia &
Red Snapper

This tradition originated in about 40 A.D., according to research gathered by Ah-pook, Clan Bard, with the Clansmen Intercontientius Appetitus MacThoy, and has been faithfully carried on by his descendents.

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