John MacThoy
1601 - 1640

A young scoff law was discovered in the hold of the Mayflower when their sea voyage was halfway through. 

He'd been into the supplies which is one of the reasons that they were forced to set up camp near Plymouth Rock and not search out a better harbor.

". . .our victuals being much spent, especially, our beer."  William Bradford, Pilgrim leader December 19th, 1620.

Being good Christians, they were hard pressed to set him adrift in the wilderness and Captain Jones has made it quite clear that he did not want they man to continue on the Mayflower, they resolved to incorporate him into the community whether he liked it or not.  They made him the brew master.

He was arrested on several occasions for breaking the king's peace, assault & battery and drinking on the Sabbath, and suffering others in his house to drink to the point of drunkenness.

The following year after another load of pilgrims arrived, a young woman, Wanda Peach was taken as a vagrant.  She was assigned to stay with MacThoy, hoping her softer touch would take some of the fire out of him.

They married two months later and the problems at the house increased.  She was arrested for "suffering Ebenezer "Pikkle"  Pikkleson to attempt to abuse her body by uncleanesse," and not reporting it.  Pikkle was charged with "lude and sodomiticall practices tending to sodomye with John MacThoy--a notorious rogue, and other lude carryages" with MacThoy's wife, Wanda.

When the Merry Mount Colony sent out the call for recruits, the threesome dropped what they were doing and left.

It's been supposed that Miles Standish led an attack on Merry Mount when their debauches became too much for the Puritans to bear.  In truth, the brew master who replaced MacThoy produced substandard beverages.  The Pilgrims were resolved to get MacThoy back.  They were too late though.  John had set sail for warmer climes by the time they arrived.

--Details supplied by the Widow Sessidi

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