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BC 60 Then it happened, the Troublesome Ones came south, and told the Scots that they would dwell with them.  They obtained wives of the Scots, on condition at they chose their lairds always on the female side; which they have continued to do, so long since.

In that same year,  Gaius Julius the emperor, first of the Romans, sought the land of Britain; and he crushed the Britons in battle, and overcame them, and nevertheless he was unable to gain any empire there.

And the Troublesome Ones found Roman drink to their liking and followed them south.

AD 116 Hadrian the Caesar began to reign

AD 335 A Vagabond, Arthorgrim the Scintillating Poonseeker, is "blessed" with a holy relic.

AD 445 This year sent the Britons over sea to Rome, and begged assistance against the Mischief Makers, but they had none, for the Romans were at war with Atila, king of the Huns.

AD 672 This year died King Cenwal; and Sexburga his queen held the government one year after him.

AD 678  This year appeared the comet-star in August, and shone every morning, during three months, like a sunbeam.

For when the word was given, i.e. NEMET EOUR SAXES, take out your swords this Troublemaker, being a little hard of hearing mistook the sound for NEMET HER SACS, take out their purses, instead therefore of applying to the throat he immediately applied to the pocket of his guest. --Henry Fielding.

The Calamitatum Continues. . .

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