Dam Renewal

Thoy Dam is currently under renewal of its use contract.  An environmental impact assessment is underway which the Clan MacThoy Society hopes to have expanded to allow the drainage of the lake and a complete study of the archaeological remains to be found there. 

Not surprising, this has met with considerable resistance from the City Council of Dunn Burrow.  The city enjoys the lake's revenue as a major recreational site.

Here is an excerpt from an article on the dam project:

The review continues apace and it is expected to be completed on schedule without any impedance to recreational activities.

Dunn Burrow natives will not be surprised to learn that local crank and American expatriate, Killian Flynn MacThoy has decided to get into the act.

He is lobbying the review committee for a complete draw down of the loch that a through study of  site might be made for ancient artifacts.

When asked if MacThoy's claims could impede the approval of the dam, the venerable Councilwoman Mavis Dil replied, "No one will listen to a descendent of that Crackpot (Ebbie MacThoy).  Insanity must be a genetic trait of his Clan, if Mr. Flynn believe public funds should pissed away lowering the loch to study a thieves den of drunkards and debauchers no gives a shilling about."

Ms Dil was then asked if she was concerned about being litigated for slander.  "It's not slander, dear, when everyone knows it's true."
--Dunn Burrow Weekly, July 2001

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