I pour on thy pate a pot of good ale, And by the rogue's oath a rogue thee instal; To beg on the way, to rob all thou meets, To steal from the hedge both the shirt & the sheets, And be with thy wench in the straw till she twang, Let the constable, justice, & Devil go hang!-- You are welcome brother. 
 --John Fletcher


The website's been getting requests about what it takes to be a MacThoy and how to become a member.  There is no membership process.  There are no member rolls.

The Clan MacThoy Research team is a collective.  Segments of it have spent up to 20 years interacting and hatching fiendish schemes together.  We are not affiliated with the SCA but some of the Clan are SCAdians.

Newcomers wanting to participate in the mayhem should meet the Clan in person, press the flesh, see what happens.

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