January 29, 1920 A.D. - December 5, 1933 A.D.

Originally thought to be an attempt at drying out the country, prohibition was yet another scheme hatched by the Puritans to bring about the ruin of the MacThoys. Working on the notion that if MacThoys were sober they wouldn't be able to reproduce, the Volstead Act was passed.

A major force in this campaign was the Anti-Saloon League.  It drew most of its support from Protestant evangelical churches, and it lobbied at all levels of government for legislation to prohibit the manufacture and sale of intoxicating beverages.

Side effects of the 18th Amendment included an increase in criminal activity, creation of the speakeasy, and loss of individual freedom.

In 1932 the Democratic Party adopted a platform calling for repeal, and the Democratic victory in the presidential election of 1932 sounded the death knell of the Eighteenth Amendment.

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