Battle of Hastings

October 14, 1066 A.D.

The Prologue of the Battle of Hastings  begins once again with Kilsa the Off-Key.  The Clan MacThoy ran into King Harold shortly after the Battle of Stanford Bridge.  Word had reached the King about Kilsa's contact with the Vikings and was delighted to finally meet the young lady.  To show his appreciation, Harold told the MacThoy to come to York as soon as they had finished their kegs and he would see them properly fêted champêtre.

One can imagine the king's surprise when his army arrived in York to find the MacThoy camped on the outskirts of the city waiting for their dinner.

True to his word the King ordered a lavish dinner prepared.  He promised Kilsa to join her family as soon as he had concluded a meeting with William the Bastard who was intent on invading.

Several hours into the conference a ballyhoo went up and the king's army came to join the MacThoys at their dinner.  The two men had worked out an agreement.  There would be peace.  A serious debauch began to proceed. 

Kilsa headed over the the King's tent and called for his majesty, with all due respect to get his royal out there.  The king said he would, calling her by name.  It was then that a tumult broke out within the tent.

Battle of Hastings Continues. . .

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