This rather fanciful rendition of  the Abbey of Lost Wages. This artist's rendering was found in the notes of Ebverold Flynn MacThoy who lived in London from in 1918-1958.

The abbey's design is completely out of context for when it existed.  We include it out of homage to Ebbie as it was his notes found in his wife's journal which started the research in the MacThoi history.-- ed.

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The Hystorica Calamitatum (The MacThoy Saga), is an ancient chronicle, scribed at the Abbey of Lost Wages (The Wages of Sin are Death) on the Isle of Lude in the Hebrides.  The Abbey was unincorporated in 1215 A.D. over their refusal to adhere monastic religious celibacy.

This unexceptional chronicle is unique only that it escaped destruction with the other MacThoy histories during the purges sponsored by Puritan reforms which swept Europe in the 1600s.

It continued to exist as a private concern until 1568 A.D. when it was destroyed by an edict of Henry VIII, ordering the dismantling of all monasteries of ill-repute.

At which time it was transported to the Vatican Archives in Rome.  The Hystorica only recently came to light along with several other texts long thought lost (Traditional Herbal Remedies by Getaphix the Gaul,  and The Guestbook Registries from the Pope's Brothel 1150 A.D. - 1458 A.D.)

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