Kali Mari

Tablero Rating:
Grandmistress Keg Killer
Favorite Drink:
(keg size only), vodka martini with PBR chaser or vice versa
Theme Song:
One for my Baby & one for
the Road
Favorite Sport:
Chez Geek
Ability to offend faster than the speed of Sound
Pussy (Zac), Rockettes, Tablero
Beer Spear Champ 2001, High Priestess of N
ki Nki, Insurrectionist
Noteworthy Actions:  The Woman behind the Curtain, immaculately conceived, Local Colour (been misquoted in four local newspapers)., drug out of the Laird Apparent's tent 3 times by the ankle after dark, cruel dictator crowned by an ambitious tourney of tablero to three kingdoms.